Detergents refer to cleaning agents that are often used for degreasing and cleaning clothes where it is not enough to just wash them. Cleaning agents are also used, for example, in relation to carpets, if these should have some stains that cannot be removed normally. The cleaning agent goes in and pulls out the fats from the stains, so that the clothes or carpet would very much like to get their normal color back.

Elektronik komponenter
Cover mask
Protection of connectors and other components during coating and wave soldering
Protective varnishes
Protective varnish specially designed for the protection of electronic circuits
Contact cleaning & lubrication
Cleaner, lubricant and contact grease to ensure long and stable life of contacts and connectors.
Cooling paste
Cooling/heat conducting paste optimizes the transfer of heat/cold between two surfaces.
Cold and compressed air
Coolant and compressed air for service and troubleshooting.
Glue and seal
Glue, conductive silver paint, locking lacquer, nickel coating.
Chemicals for printmaking
Cleaning agents
Cleaning agents for use within the electronics industry.
SMD glue, flux, paste
Products for mounting SMD components.
Effective lubricants for many purposes.
Molding compounds
Materials for embedding electronic components, LED, LEDs, cables, etc.